Analyzing the Star Cash Slot Machine

The title “Star Cash” conjures up images of a mindless 1980s TV series. It’s not, thankfully. Instead, it’s a decently fascinating slot game by Game Art. There isn’t much of a theme here, other than the fact that the reels have cash symbols. The ‘Cash’ portion of the name has now been resolved. The sky is blue and in the distance you can make the stars, so it looks like everything is happening in space. As the reels spin, the soundtrack takes on a similarly futuristic sci-fi style. So, it’s like watching a reel-based TV show from the 1980s in space. Maybe not the most exciting topic to explore, but we all have our guilty pleasures. If you don’t get that vibe when playing Star Cash, you might want to try another slot game.

Currency Icons!

The game’s UI can be viewed in a five-reel, three-row configuration. Therefore, you can expect a user interface similar to that of other slot games. As we’ve already mentioned, the majority of the icons on these reels are monetary signs. There will be signs for the US dollar, the Euro, and the British pound. There are a couple additional signs, including the one for the Japanese yen. A triple BAR emblem and the number 7 are also joined to these signs. These add a touch of classic slot machine flair to the game. There are additional icons in the game, and these provide access to the game’s unique features.

In addition to the standard reels, rows, and symbols, there are also 10 individual pay lines available to players. However, this is not a modifiable aspect of the game. Therefore, you will always wager that sum. However, you can adjust the amount you bet on each spin if you so choose. To do this, click the plus and minus buttons to the left and right of the ‘Bet Per Line’ text box. You can change the value there from £0.01 to £0.50. This means that you can risk up to £5 every spin, which is the maximum allowed. The ‘Autoplay’ option lets you spin the reels automatically for as many as 500 times in a row.

Money and Fame

The Star Cash package includes more than just the main game. In addition, the best slot machines have fantastic bonus features that players may use to their advantage. Although it does include a few interesting extras, this one isn’t as jam-packed as others. The wild icon is the game’s key new feature. This symbol is represented by a multicolored star. This wild sign can replace any regular reel symbol. This helps you make more effective combo bets. However, this isn’t all the wild icon has going for it.

When the wild helps build a winning combination, it will also lock the reels on which it occurs. The remaining reels will then spin again. The wild only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, but if more wilds occur during the respin, the procedure will begin again. This icon is the sole extra feature available in the game. It’s a bit lacking in comparison to other slot machines, despite its few extra features.

Closing Statement

Star Cash is a game that offers a certain amount of fun. It has a beautiful assortment of high-resolution illustrations. The wild icon may be the lone extra, but it helps make this an intriguing offering overall.

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